Honda Type Civic

Bc Racing Coilovers Br Type Rs For Honda CIVIC Ef9 Crx Ed Fork Type 88-91

Bc Racing Coilovers Br Type Rs For Honda CIVIC Ef9 Crx Ed Fork Type 88-91

Bc Racing Coilovers Br Type Rs For Honda CIVIC Ef9 Crx Ed Fork Type 88-91
BC Racing Coilover Suspension is a Globally Recognised Brand in the Performance Aftermarket. It doesn't matter if you're looking for more of an aesthetically pleasing enhancement through adjustable ride height, or outright race-car performance; BC Racing Suspension will deliver with an undeniably outstanding product. From the Street to the Track, BC Racing Coilovers are our first recommendation when it comes to Adjustable Coilover Suspension. As used on our own Honda & Toyota Projects here at RHD Performance! WHICH COILOVERS ARE RIGHT FOR ME?

That's a great question. You may have already seen that there are multiple model types (Series) available for your application. Some Cars will have more choice than others. This can simply be down to the design of the suspension, which sometimes makes things difficult to develop adjustable coilovers.

Or it could be that the car model is less popular, with less demand for different types of coilovers. With all that to one side, which Coilovers are going to best suit you?

Generally we would look at your project and the use of the car. Dedicated or mostly Street Driven vehicles would be better suited to the'BR Series' where available. This is BC's most affordable package which doesn't sacrifice on build quality, adjustment or ride characteristics. As the use of the car gets more Track Orientated, we would look at considerations for Inverted Dampers (RM Series), Digressive Valving (DS Series), and Bump and Rebound Damping Control with BC's Flagship External Reservoir models. If you need any advice or more information about BC Racing Products, please get in touch with our team.

We will happily talk with you about your project and goals to ensure you are getting the correct kit for your application. BC Racing have invested significantly in research and development to ensure that your chosen Coilover kit delivers the best blend of ride quality and performance. Please check the Specifications to view the factory recommended default spring rates for each kit.

A surcharge applies to Custom Spring orders. Inc Rubber Top Mount or Non Top Mount. The BR series coilovers use a large 46mm diameter piston in a 53mm diameter damper body to maximise oil capacity.

As the damper unit operates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristic of the unit. BC Racing only use a very high quality oil with their coilovers but go that extra mile to maximise performance and build their BR range with a large 53mm diameter damper body. This increases the capacity of the unit which increases the volume of oil contained which in turn reduces the peak temperature and so significantly improves damper performance. = Inc Rubber Top Mount or Without Top Mount.

= Inverted Damper with Pillowball Top Mount. The BC Racing RM series feature high quality damping adjustable monotube inverted dampers at the front or front and rear, depending on vehicle.

The RM coilovers offer the majority of the features of the BR series but with the additional benefit of the inverted damper unit. Inverting the damper unit brings with it a number of advantages. Un-sprung weight is reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir away from the hub and attaching it to the shell. Un-sprung weight is vital to a cars performance as a lighter wheel and hub assembly which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip when tracking over an imperfect road.

Reduced heat transfer to the gas and oil reservoir. Any hard driven car with generate a lot of heat within its braking system. This heat is conducted through the hub to the damper unit. By inverting the oil and gas reservoir the oil and gas is moved away from the hub assembly. This reduces the amount of conducted heat being transferred from the braking system to the hub then to the damper and then on to the gas and oil.

As the oil and gas is heated its properties change which has a knock on effect on the damping characteristics of the suspension. By keeping the gas and oil temperatures down BC Racing RM coilovers keep damping rates more consistent resulting in better performing suspension and ultimately allowing you to corner faster, which is the bottom line. The large 42mm damper rod and inverted design gives the inverted damper units much greater strength and resistance to side loadings.

BC Racing's DS Coilover system is built with digressive valving offering the same great benefits of the BR Type model and is considered a perfect choice for those who are looking for track biased coilovers. The digressive piston design gives a non linear damping curve which allows higher low speed damping to be run to control body roll through cornering, acceleration and braking whilst providing reduced high speed damping to allow the wheel to travel whilst running kerbs to prevent the impact from transmitting fully into the shell so retaining car balance. External reservoir (ER Series) comes with separate compression and rebound damping adjustment.

The ER Series coilovers bring with them the high quality and unique features seen on the BR and RM type but have the additional benefit of external reservoirs and the ability to allow the end user to individually adjust and set compression and rebound damping rates. The external reservoir ER Series coilovers allow BC Racing to increase the oil capacity of the damper unit. The additional oil capacity reduces peak oil temperatures which decreases variations in damping rates due to oil viscosity changes. Separate compression and rebound damping adjustment. By separating the adjustment for damping compression and rebound the ER Series allows you to dial the vehicle in to your exact needs.

When braking hard whilst approaching a corner you want the car to transfer weight to the front tyres to maximise grip for the braking effort and also to allow you to trail brake into the corner without the car understeering. As you start to lift off the brakes on corner entry you dont want the suspension to snap back up too quickly as this will remove the loading from the front tyres too quickly and lead to understeer.

As soon as the car starts to understeer you need to wind off the steering lock to reduce the work effort applied to the tyres to allow them to regain traction. This slows the vehicles ultimate speed. The compression damping adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car rolls onto its front tyres during braking and the separate rebound adjustment allows you to fine tune the way the car responds as you come off the brakes to enter the corner proper and keep the front end hooked up. This allows you to get back on the power sooner and maximise corner exit speed.

Corner exit speed is vital because this determines you maximum speed achieved down the next straight. Engineered for 100% track use. 30 levels of separate rebound and compression adjustment.

Inverted damper design (depending on models). Dual Piston design 1 res. Teflon coated steel braided lines for external reservoir on inverted dampers and solid stem for double A-arm cars Custom spring rates available. Patented concave lower locking collar. BC Racing's HM Coilover system offers the same great benefits of the RM Series with the addition of 2 way damping adjustment.

Each HM Coilover system features inverted mono-tube dampers with independently adjustable compression and rebound. The inverted damper design moves vital damper fluid away from detrimental heat sources to avoid overheating which can cause damper fade under extreme track use. The inverted damper also allows for decreased un-sprung weight by moving the majority of the coilover mass up to the chassis improving ride quality, wheel control and steering feel.

With the combination of inverted mono-tube dampers and external reservoirs the HM Series is suited for the most demanding users on the track. Teflon coated steel braided lines for external reservoir on inverted dampers and solid stem for double A-arm cars. BC Racing's new ZR Series Coilovers bring a 3-way adjustable track ready coilover system to racers from novice to pro for a price not seen before in the performance suspension market.

Each ZR Series Coilover system offers independent low speed and high speed compression adjustment and separate rebound adjustment. They also offer full height adjustability independent of piston travel and spring preload.

On cars with McPherson struts the ZR Series comes standard with an inverted monotube damper with the steel braided Teflon coated line exiting the top of the damper to the external reservoirs that can be remotely mounted in the engine bay or boot. The ZR Series kits offer 30 clicks of rebound adjustment, 15 clicks of low speed compression adjustment, and 12 clicks of high speed compression. Images used may be generic. This item is in the category "Vehicle Parts & Accessories\Car Tuning & Styling\Performance Suspension\Performance Coilovers". The seller is "rhdperformanceuk" and is located in this country: GB.

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  • Brand: BC RACING
  • Manufacturer Part Number: A-33-BR-RS
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: A-33-BR-RS
  • Other Part Number: NA
  • Type: BR Series
  • Front Top Mounts: Rubber Top Mount
  • Rear Top Mounts: Rubber Top Mount
  • Spring Rates: 10/5KG/mm
  • Classic Car Part: No
  • Custom Bundle: No
  • Modified Item: No
  • Unit Quantity: 4
  • Unit Type: Unit
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Taiwan
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front, Rear, Left, Right

Bc Racing Coilovers Br Type Rs For Honda CIVIC Ef9 Crx Ed Fork Type 88-91