Honda Type Civic

Mintex Front + Rear Discs And Pads For Honda CIVIC 1.8 Type-s (fn) 2006-12

Mintex Front + Rear Discs And Pads For Honda CIVIC 1.8 Type-s (fn) 2006-12

Mintex Front + Rear Discs And Pads For Honda CIVIC 1.8 Type-s (fn) 2006-12
Please check compatibility in the description section. Please read the listing carefully as variants can be common.

MINTEX FRONT + REAR DISCS AND PADS FOR HONDA CIVIC 1.8 TYPE-S (FN) 2006-12. Part Number : FR:MDC1766(MDB2791) RR:MDC1833(MDB2770)(684). At AGR Automotive our Brake Discs are manufactured to OE standards, meaning you are not compromising on safety. So if you are looking for a cost effective replacement brake disc, then AGR Automotive should be your first choice every time. Our brake discs and brake drums are manufactured to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards.

All Brakeworld brake discs and brake drums are made from grey cast iron, to conform to internationally recognised standards such as SAE Standard J431 / Class G3000. Machining tolerances are very tight to ensure excellent dimensional accuracy. In a global car market where values depreciate quickly, Mintex Brake pads are developed and engineered to meet a significant demand for cost-effective braking solutions that deliver the optimum balance between performance and extended service life, by providing quality products at affordable prices. The Mintex range of brake discs is engineered to precise tolerances from advanced alloys for improved resistance to high temperatures. Picture A - Generic Image Picture B - Front Brake Pads Diagram Picture C - Rear Brake Pads Diagram Picture D - Brake Discs Technical Drawing. Front Number of Bolt Holes. Rear Number of Bolt Holes.

FRONT + REAR DISCS AND PADS. This listing has been made as accurate as possible using the latest information provided by supplier.

There may be on occasions more than one compatible part for your vehicle. We will do our best to answer as fast as possible. Be aware that your Model of Vehicle may have a choice of 2 / 3 different FRONT + REAR DISCS AND PADS Options.

Such variations can apply due to upgrade designs on later chassis numbers, or the manufacturers using different OEM suppliers during production process. We will do our best to assist and narrow down the variations. In some cases you may have to physically check your current fitted FRONT + REAR DISCS AND PADS to the picture diagram and part number provided. Please see the item detail page for confirmation. This also applies to all orders going to the Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland, or other offshore UK islands.

For European deliveries will go with DHL, UPS or DPD Express service. Anything outside of Europe will go by Air Express. Our post is collected every weekday (Monday-Friday excluding Bank Holidays and exceptional circumstances). Please note that if you have not received your order in the expected time frame, we have to contact courier company before a lost in post claim form can be put through - however this is a very rare occurrence and something we do not see happen often.

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  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8467619309499
  • Brand: MINTEX
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front, Rear, Left, Right
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 40050693 MDC1766 MDB2791 MDC1833 MDB2770 45022SMGE00 45022SMGE01, 45022SMGE50 45022SMGE51 0986494136 120502 12386 13046057562 15012, 22638 181773 181773706 2120502 2207280 222638 24087 2408701 35099, 1 355006911 363700201586 363702161168 37529 55603047 572579B 5725, 79J 598803 605756 6134071 67733 7440 7876 811040013 8227280 869 8, DB355006911 986494136 ADH24271 B1G12010132 BP1047 BP1598 BP2050 D, B2047 DB2212 FDB1859 FSL1859 GDB3407 H360A09 J3604065 J3604069 LP, 1970 P28037 PA403AF PAD1538 T1586 T1586MM TX0729 WBP24087A 24405, 24406 5028740477352 43022SMGE00 43022SMGE01 43022SMGE02 43022SMGE, 03 43224SMGE01 0986494249 120602 12490 13046057572 1501222639 181, 741 181741706 2120602 2207290 222639 24086 2408601 355006751 3637, 00201569 363702161489 37530 5104403 55417554 572580B 572580J 5988, 49 605757 67732 7450 7836 811040012 8227290 8DB355006751 ADH24272, B1G12010142 BP1536 BP2051 DB2177 FDB1862 FSL1862 GDB3408 H361A16, J3614018 J3614019 LP1971 P28038 PAD1511 PP403AF T1569 T1569MM TX, 0728 WBP24086A 24518 24519 5028740477840 45251S7AE10 45251S7AE11, 45251SMGG10 0986479364 09A45510 09A45511 09A45514 202636 24012301, 101 280317100 280317120 280317170 280317172 280317175 312636 3551, 12441 355118131 423110 5290392P 54444 54444PRO 562457B 562457J 69, 8610 8DD355112441 8DD355118131 92144400 92144403 982001444 986479, 364 ADH24383 ADH24385C ADH24399 BG3980 BS8530 DDF15391 DF4456 DF4, 486 DSK2432 J3304003 J3304048 NBD1392 98200144401 5028740758932 4, 2510SMGE20 42510SNAA00 42510SNAA01 42510SNEA00 08A14710 08A14711, 08A14714 0986479451 1421237 17798 1815202641 190155 197343 202641, 231127 24010901581 280318620 312641 355114321 355118991 371114 4, 09158 5290504P 54643 54643PRO 562544BC 562544JC 6104412 6117500 8, DD355114321 92164300 92164303 982001643 986479451 ADH243100 ADH24, 3103 BDA234410 BDC5564 BDR234410 BG4118 BS8418 DDF1558 DDF15581 D, F1108 DF4837 DP412 DSK2547 H1013P J3314015 J3314034 NBD1464 WGR15, 581 98200164301 5028740759236 37529 37529 OE PAD1538 1080-6504 10

Mintex Front + Rear Discs And Pads For Honda CIVIC 1.8 Type-s (fn) 2006-12